Advice for the wedding morning

Top Tips for Your Wedding Preparations

Hair & Makeup

Choose a Hair & Makeup artist that you get along well with. The people you choose will be a big part of your morning and if you get along well with them, they will fit in perfectly, and make the whole thing so much more relaxing and enjoyable. If you have booked your photography with me, I can supply you with my list of recommended suppliers for every area of your wedding and and the bottom of this post I’ve listed the Hair & Makeup artists that I love.

A perfect makeup artist will not only make you look amazing but they will feel like part of your bridal party….

What to wear?

Choose a robe, PJ’s or cute two piece. You want to feel comfortable but also enjoy looking back on the photos without cringing at what you wore. Try and go for something simple and timeless. You also want to consider strap marks, so don’t go for anything that may dig in, think about removing your bra or having something strapless. I love Hannah’s fluffy white robe above. It looks so classy. Below are a few more of my favourites…

Wedding Prep Playlist

There are plenty on Spotify, or get your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) to make a personalised one for you all! Some of the best mornings I’ve been a part of are those where a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs is filling the room. It get’s everyone in the mood for celebrating….or gives you a little bit of calm. Whatever your vibe, I think music is a must.

Partners Prep

More and more people are asking about the possibility of having the preparations of their partner captured. This is absolutely something that I can do and you don’t necessarily need a second shooter. The first and most obvious one, is if they are getting ready at the same venue as you. If this is the case, I will always flit between the two rooms to ensure I have both sides of the preparations captured. Another option is for me to meet them when they arrive at the venue to take a few photos….maybe even capture the opening of gifts. If there is a room we can capture a little prep in then that’s great too. If it’s a grooms party, I don’t often need more that around 15 minutes with them to capture what I need. I can also go to the house or hotel that your partner is getting ready at, just be aware that you will probably need to extend your coverage to do this and that they may need to be ready a little before they had planned. These are all options that can be discussed

Tidy Up!

Try to keep the room as tidy as you possibly can. I know it’s a hard one, especially as there can be a lot of people all in one room, but it will be worth it for your photos

Allow plenty of time

Give yourself more time that you think you need. You might look at your schedule and think you have allowed tons of time, but it’s always on those days when you end up rushing at the very end. Allow time for gifts (more on this coming up) tears, adjustments, photos and just for taking it all in! That last hour can be pretty overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is feel like you are being rushed down the aisle.

Giving and receiving of gifts

This is one of my favourite parts to document on the morning of the wedding and I always encourage people to hold onto any gifts until I arrive. It is a tricky one to time, because you are still going to want to have your makeup artist around too (just to touch up after any tears) but between us all, we can help you what time it’s best to arrange to do this. For me, the best part of wedding photography is capturing the emotion, so anything you can do which will provoke a reaction is amazing for me. Some things to consider are…

Opening any gifts (from partner, bridesmaids etc)
Cracking open the bubbles
Giving gifts to your bridesmaids
Getting someone to read a card aloud to you

All of these things will create so many moments for me to capture and for you to cherish

Getting into your dress

Getting into your dress should be a beautiful moment that you can really take in, and in my experience it’s usually one of the most emotional! It’s so nice to do this with time on your side. I want to be able to capture the look you exchange with your mum, the giggles with your bridesmaids and the tiny elements of buttons being fastened. I am always very discreet but understand that not everyone is comfortable with me in the room while they are in their underwear, so will always be more than happy to step outside at this point. I just ask that you stop for a moment as soon as you are covered and get a bridesmaid to call me back in. That way I can capture all of those beautiful details.

Consider your company

It’s really important to have the right people around you. Too many people in the room can be incredibly overwhelming….but I’ve also seen rooms where everyone disappears when the bride could use a hand. If you have lots of little ones in the bridal party, consider having them arrive towards the end

Select a scent

This is for both perfume and candles too. I don’t know about you, but smells can evoke so many memories for me. By choosing a perfume especially for your wedding day, it will always take you straight back to that special day whenever you wear it in the future. If you want to fill the room with a special scent too, it is likely that when you light that same candle again, you will start to reminisce, as will your bridal party

Above all…..ENJOY IT!! Plan it well, even go so far as to make a schedule with a timeline that you share with your bridal party. The more you plan it in advance, the more opportunity you will have to be present and take it all in. It is your day after all!

Kerry xXx