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Editorial elegance, or authentic emotion? My affinity for styling means that your memories will be both – emotive, and beautiful.

For me, our sartorial choices are about self-expression. I style and curate your photos. As an Art Director I will make you look and feel as though your photos are pulled from the pages of a fashion magazine.

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When it comes to your wedding photos, you want to see tears in eyes, heads thrown back in laughter, embraces…but you also care about the fine aesthetic details and to be captured at your most beautiful.

There’s no compromise here. I capture the spirit of your day in its entirety – the beauty, the fashion, and, of course, the fun.

Instead of snapshots, you’ll receive a treasure trove of bespoke photographic artworks. 

Captivating pictures you’ll come back to, time and time again.

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and never knowingly


Photographs give me time to feel. They allow me to hit pause, so I can pore over a moment and fully absorb all of its emotions over the years to come.

We regularly pull out the photo albums in my house. New moments come to light every time; we laugh, we cry, we remember, and we see things from a new perspective. 

That’s the power of photography.

Because of my affinity for styling, my clients regularly liaise with me on wedding aesthetics, from second dresses and colour schemes to bridesmaids’ looks and Groom’s suits – I’ve done it all! I have an eye for the aesthetic and am always on hand to help you elevate and perfect your look.

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Once you’re booked in for your wedding day, we’ll meet and chat. I can be your sounding board for any styling queries, and how best to showcase them. I want to capture your authentic self, showing you how beautiful you are.

I’m not just your wedding photographer. I will be there for you on your big day, and in the run-up. I love to build friendships with my clients; it allows me to authentically capture their innate beauty, soul, and style. 

On the day itself? Imagine I’m a friend-of-a-friend. 

A happy face – but one that recedes into the backdrop. I am there to chronicle your day, not get under your feet. Invisibility is a practiced art.

For over a decade I’ve shot weddings across the UK from my base in the South East. These ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ days are so rich – with memory, with beauty, with joy – that I feel privileged to be the one to capture them for posterity.

If you’re looking for someone that you trust to tell your love story through beautiful, natural, fashion-forward and romantic photography, then get in touch.

Get those tunes on and let’s dance around your kitchen like no one is watching!

Music and sound are the backdrop to my day – I love going to gigs and festivals, and listening to podcasts.

Music makes me feel free, and happy, and I want my couples to feel exactly like this on their wedding day – like we’re being silly and having fun together in private, so I can capture their most authentic selves – even if they’re in front of hundreds of family and friends!

I love fashion, and the way our clothes choices can completely rewrite how we feel, making us invincible.

I love the control photography gives me – to freeze time for a second, and celebrate those otherwise fleeting moments. Capturing that ray of sun peeking from behind a cloud, the electricity of two hands barely brushing, the intimacy of a shared glance, the exuberance of a confetti shot…

I’m a mum of twins. I’m a dog mum to pug Peggy Sue. I’m wife to Paul. I am Kerry.

Nice to meet you!