fun natural photo in rain salomons estate
salomons estate first dance
salomons estate staircase
rain at salomons estate wedding


This beautiful mansion was created by Sir David Lional Salomons. He was a polymath and loved all things mechanic, photographic and scientific and Salomons Estate was one of the first places in the whole of England to be lit by Electrical power! His influence is probably most apparent in the Victorian Theatre as it features the famous Welte Philharmonic electric organ. Also within the house is a free museam which is a tribute to the many works & accolades achieved by the family. It’s also a fabulous space for photos should it rain! 


Set in 36 acres of gardens and woodland I’ll always encourage my couples to go exploring here at Salomons, even if it’s just to walk down to get photos with the stunning house and terrace behind you. 


This south facing terrace makes for a stunning ceremony location but also a scenic space for your guests to mingle and enjoy their champagne & capapes