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Why choose Longton Wood for your wedding?


First thoughts of a woodland venue might be festival weddings or that it will only suit a boho bride but Longton Wood is so much more. It’s set in an ancient bluebell wood and surrounded by Dutch Elm pine trees so you kind of feel like you are on the set of Twilight! Being a blank canvas, this venue really can be whatever you want it to be. I also adore the permanent fixtures that have been added here, such as the log seating around the fireput and the doors which have become their unique trademark. 


Longton Wood is famliy run and the venue was built in 2016. Iniitally created by the family for the two daughters weddings, they went on to offer it to couples so that they could experience wedding days as specials as theirs. Jenny runs the venue and is extremely passionate about this stunning stunning space. She is so perfectly placed to offer advice and inspiration from many years of riding and walking through the woodland


Be it Bell Tent, Shepherd Hut or campervan, you can embrace the outdoors and stay close to the celebrations by Glamping at Longton Wood.

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