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cooling castle barn wedding autumn
cooling castle wedding
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What makes Cooling Castle Barn so special?..

all weather

Cooling is somewhere you can get married any time of the year and is a venue that couples also often choose for a Christmas wedding due to how incredibly it’s dressed each year. No matter the season though, there is always somewhere beautiful to be found for photos. It isn’t weather dependant and has plenty of inside space for photos if required. I’ve been known to do a big group shot and confetti inside the barn on particularly rainy days at Cooling.


You can choose to have your ceremony inside or out and both are gorgeous. Due to the set up here, you can make your decision very close to the time when you are praying for that dark cloud to pass. They have plenty of rooms too, if you want to invite your guests to stay.


Some venues have such passion for what they do, putting their heart and soul into ensuring your day is just perfect. Cooling is one of those venues!

There are so many other reasons Cooling gets my vote too, such as the amazing food, the toastmaster included, the capacity and the slick operation that has come from years of experience.