perfect wedding venues in Kent

Kent Wedding


As a Kent wedding photographer, I am grateful to be based in this county they call The Garden Of England. We have some of the most stunning locations for weddings in England and I am lucky enough to be a recommended at a wide range of them.

If you are wondering, where can I get married in Kent? I’ve selected some of the wedding venues that I adore the most here in the South East. What’s the best wedding venue in Kent? or What is your favourite wedding venue to work at? The latter is my most frequently asked question but It’s such a personal choice and with so many it would be impossible to say. Are we talking Castle, Barn, Manor House, Woodland?…..

So I decided to create my own little directory, detailing what it is about each venue I love the most.

I hope that this guide will give you helping hand when it comes to comparing them, so that you can find out which wedding venue is perfect for you and your wedding