in & out lists 2024

A photographers take on navigating trends

In a world where fashion evolves at the blink of an eye, weddings stand as timeless milestones. As a follower of fashion, I always find myself caught between the attraction of trends and wanting timeless elegance. After all, no one wants to look back with regrets about fashion faux pas! Striking that balance between modern style and something I’m going to look back and love in 20 years time is an ongoing journey for me. 

The debate around wedding trends is an interesting one, especially when every choice will be etched in the frames of nostalgia. From champagne towers to gloves, from bows to the latest Pantone colour of the year, the wedding landscape mirrors the flow of fashion cycles.

I have my Vogue subscriptions, follow fashion weeks, and watch trend predictions, yet, weddings carry a unique weight. They are more than fleeting moments; therefore the question lingers – should we succumb to the trends or embrace the classics?


‘Weddings carry a unique weight, they are more than fleeting moments’

Recalling my journey down the aisle in Sri Lanka, I had this grand vision of pulling off a saree-style showstopper. Picture it: creamy silk fabric cascading gracefully, gold jewellery adorning my arms and hair, basically channeling a mix of a Greek goddess and an Asian beauty—total serenity vibes, you know? But youth had a different plan for me. Instead of the Bond girl dream, I ended up rocking a plain Jane monsoon top and skirt!

Fast forward to post-ceremony, riding high on an elephant…. As I perched on that majestic creature, I couldn’t help but imagine myself in that dreamy cream silk saree, my movie star moment! However, young Kerry took the safe option. But hey, with age comes wisdom! Now, it’s all about caring less about norms and embracing what feels true to me.

In essence, my advice is straightforward – reflect on what brings you joy, embrace your unique style, and be unapologetically authentic. Bold decisions, influenced by your personal preferences, give rise to memories that outlast passing trends.

Your wedding is a canvas for your individuality – make it unforgettable, make it distinctly yours. And when it comes to crafting this one-of-a-kind celebration, a wedding planner is your invaluable ally, truly worth every investment. Their dedicated efforts go beyond coordination; they invest time in understanding your desires, working with you to shape a wedding that authentically reflects who you are.

Kerry xXx