Sam’s Bridal Beauty Wisdom:

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Timeless Tips for Every Bride-to-Be”

Embarking on the journey to bridal beauty is a thrilling adventure, and who better to guide us through the must-knows than Sam, the visionary behind Eve Bridal Beauty. In this exclusive Q&A, Sam generously shares her insights, offering invaluable advice for brides gearing up for their 2024 or 2025 weddings. From achieving that coveted bridal glow to makeup that withstands tears and dancing, Sam covers it all. Here’s a sneak peek into her full expert advice:

After being captivated by the exquisite bridal look Sam crafted in a recent editorial (view it here), I couldn’t resist the opportunity to delve deeper into her expertise. Join me as I chat with Sam, unraveling the secrets behind her mesmerising bridal beauty creations

1) How far in advance should I begin prepping my skin for that bridal glow?

6 months before the wedding is a great place to start. It definitely depends on whether you have any skin concerns that you wish to treat before the wedding as some treatments require consistency for optimal results. I recommend Hydrafacials to all my brides – the results are phenomenal!  

2) Any must-follow tips for prepping my skin before the big day?

Definitely do not try any new treatments or skin care products too close to the wedding date. I’d also recommend a consistent and effective skin care routine which you can do at home. This is key to maintaining a smooth, clear complexion. 

3) Are there specific skincare products you swear by for a radiant complexion?

Finding an exfoliant that is right for your skin type is essential to achieve a radiant glow. A long time favourite of mine is PIXI Glow Tonic. It helps to break down dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing the fresh, new skin cells underneath. This ensures a perfectly smooth canvas to apply makeup to. 

4) Lash extensions – yay or nay for a bride-to-be?

I love applying individual false lashes on my brides – there’s only a couple of specific brands I like to use though! I always choose a lightweight, feathery lash as I think they look the most elegant and they enhance the eyes perfectly. When it comes to semi-permanent lash extensions, there are a few lash artists in the UK that produce some exceptional work but overall, I’m not a huge fan. Small elements like that can make or break a bridal makeup look. 

5) Can you share your top three hero makeup products that every bride should consider?

How can I choose just three?! ok, I’m currently obsessed with 

6) Any go-to brand you absolutely adore for bridal beauty?

I get asked this question a lot and I couldn’t just pick one brand. There isn’t a single brand that produces every kind of makeup product well – that’s an unrealistic task. The brands I carry in my kit are brands I’ve tried and tested over many years and I know they produce the results myself and my clients expect. Some of my favourites include Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, NARS, Dior & Bobbi Brown. 

7) Your thoughts on rocking a bold lip on the wedding day – daring or classic?

It can be both! It depends on the client. I especially love a red lip – it gives me major Old Hollywood vibes! 

8) Fake tan: a bridal do or don’t?

Whatever makes you feel confident! I don’t love fake tan but if it’s done well, it can look fabulous. It takes a LOT of trial and error though! 

9) How can I ensure my makeup lasts through all the happy tears and dancing?

The products I use in my kit are long wearing and most withstand heat and humidity. I provide my brides with a bespoke touch up kit to use throughout their day or they can opt to hire me for an evening look update. This service takes place before your evening celebrations and it can include an extensive touch up of the original look or we can change up certain elements to change the makeup entirely. Depending on what look you go for, this can be as quick as ten minutes! 

10) Any advice for achieving a natural, timeless look that’s still camera-ready?

If you’re doing your own makeup for your wedding day, the best advice I can give you is use products that you truly love. These products will more than likely have been tried and tested by you multiple times so you know that they make you look and feel amazing. If you feel at ease whilst liking what you see in the mirror, you’ll feel beautiful in your own skin and this happiness will shine through in your wedding photos. I’d also recommend to invest in high quality makeup brushes as these will ensure superb blending of any products you use. A perfectly blended base ensures longevity of your makeup too. 

11) What’s your secret for making eyes pop in photos without looking too heavy?

Tightlining! This is where you use an eyeliner to line the thin skin where your eyelashes grow on the top lash line. I cannot do an eye makeup look without it as it completely transforms the eyes! I also like to use a complimentary eyeshadow to blend out eyeliner placed on the eyelid to give a softer, smokier feel. 

12) Thoughts on incorporating a touch of shimmer – subtle or standout?
I love shimmery products but I always use them appropriately for each client. Brides want to look and feel beautiful and sophisticated – using too much shimmer can ruin that aesthetic. 

13) Any essentials for touch-ups during the celebration?

Blotting papers to remove excess oil, pressed powder to mattify, lipstick and lip liner for the perfect pout all day long and blush to instantly add a pop of colour

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