Destination Winter Wedding on Valentines Day in Zakopane, Poland

//Destination Winter Wedding on Valentines Day in Zakopane, Poland

I’ve never photographed a destination wedding before and didn’t really have any great desire to if I’m honest.  I just love photographing weddings here in Kent and never venture much further than the south east of England ………but that was until I met Hannah & Adam!

Hannah found me via my Pinterest page and got in touch to tell me all about the wedding she was planning in Zakopane, Poland.   It sounded absolutely amazing, as did she, and so I knew that this was going to be something that I would love to do.  We met up to discuss things further and hearing about all of their plans and the vision for the day got me so excited.  We looked at photos together and I went away with with my head buzzing and feeling so lucky that I was going to get the opportunity to photograph the wedding of these wonderful people.

When preparing for the wedding, I knew that there was going to be snow and that obviously it would be very cold.  Not only did this mean that I had to ensure I was well prepared, but that my camera equipment was too! While its not the arctic, there was still the possibility of it being very cold and into minus figures and I knew that this could create some problems.  I have created a separate post here where you can read all about using a DSLR in cold weather on a destination wedding.  As it turned out, it was actually incredibly mild and on the day of the wedding we had full sunshine which was like a dream come true, especially as the ceremony took place outside.  It was warmer than some of the weddings I photographed here in the UK.

Sara Reeve came along to second shoot the wedding with me and we arrived early on the Saturday morning ready to explore and prepare ourselves for the big day on Sunday.  As we travelled up into the mountains of Zakopane, which is a beautiful ski resort, the views were spectacular and more reminiscent of Lapland than Poland.  Such pretty log cabins and colourful buildings.  We stayed at the very pretty Villa Miodula and when we woke the next morning we stepped outside into the most wonderful sunshine.  Zakopane looked gorgeous the day before but now the sun had come out, the mist cleared and we saw that we were surrounded by stunning mountains that we hadn’t even realised were there on the previous day.

The wedding itself at Goralski Dwor was utterly amazing from start to finish with so much attention to detail, which was incredible considering they had to bring everything from the UK.  Hannah looked like a modern day Marylin Monroe and Adam her very handsome Prince Charming.  I spent time with the girls in the morning while Sara went across to capture photos of the boys and the venue all beautifully set up.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful backdrop for a bridal party’s preparations and there were so many emotional moments to capture too.

The ceremony was beautiful, emotional and very personal, with all of the guests sat outside in the sunshine.  Both being performers (Hannah is actually the Choreographer at the west end show Wicked) there were lots of impromptu performances throughout the day by their very talented guests.  After the first performances it was time for all of the guests to be seated for a starter before all jumping onto a bus for a surprise visit to the Tatra National Park.  Hannah & Adam had found this place on their initial visit and decided that they wanted to share it with all of their guests and to have the majority of their photos there….. I think you will see why!  All of the guests got back onto the bus as the sun started to fade but all of the bridal party braved the cold so that we could get some fantastic photos of them.  Back at Goralski Dwor it was time for dinner, speeches and more performances.  With lots of tears and even more laughter, this was one Wedding that I’m sure none of them will ever forget.  It was so intimate but at the same time a big old party.  The first dance was breathtaking and made me want to just burst into tears at the end, it was absolutely incredible.  Followed by more surprise performances and a firework display this wedding was like nothing I have ever experienced.  Made all the more fabulous by all of the lovely people and in particular the gorgeous Hannah & Adam, this was one experience that I feel so lucky to have had and one wedding I feel truly honoured to have captured.

A few more mentions I must include are as follows: Sylwia Polka who did Hannah’s stunning hair and makeup.  Adam’s lovely mum who made all of the boys tweed suits …… yes made them all herself! how amazing is that.  Hannah’s beautiful dress was just perfect for the winter wonderland wedding too and it was from Mirror Mirror in London.

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