Some of my favourite moments of 2018

2018 was another awesome year as far as weddings were concerned and as always, looking back on each wedding has been such a lovely thing to do.  Sometimes, it takes stepping away from photos and coming back to them to realise just how much you love them.  It was my 9th year as a wedding photographer and I can honestly say that I still love it as much as ever. Trends change, new themes arrive and different concepts come about, but one thing always stays the same, the love and emotion! Wedding days are full of it and that’s why I love them so much. I was lucky enough to work at some utterly gorgeous new venues but was also still super busy at some of my regular favourites too. It was great to meet some fabulous new suppliers who I am so excited to work with more in the future. In addition to all of the weddings, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to be creative on some styled shoots and also doing some family shoots in between. I am still so grateful to be doing my dream job and can’t thank everyone enough for choosing me to capture their day, as well as the venues that continue to recommend me.

Personally, it was the most difficult year I’ve ever had.  My dad passed away suddenly in the January but fortunately I didn’t have my first wedding until the March which was a blessing…..maybe the universe helping me out a little there.  My husband Paul has been an absolute rock, despite him finding it really tough too because we were all close. I learnt that I have some really fantastic friends and that hard times really do reveal those ones who are most special. Being so close to Mum (she has always been my best friend) it’s been hard to see her so upset but it has made me value her all the more and want to cherish every moment we have together, because life is short!  The first thing I reached for when I lost my dad were the photos and videos of him….even the silly snapchats. Everyone has always laughed at me for the amount of photos I take but I cannot tell you how enormously thankful I am to have them now.  I love the quote ‘You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’ and I have found this to be even more profound this year.  With smart phones and social media so much at the forefront of our lives right now, it’s so easy to not live in the moment and I’ve tried to make a conscious effort this year to step away from it a bit.  It’s difficult to do so with business as it’s so crucial for marketing these days….but personally I am trying more and more not to mindlessly scroll and to make sure I am only following accounts that make me happy. 

For 2019 I am really excited for some self development plans, styled shoots that we are in the early stages of discussing and lots of wonderful weddings. It is also the 10th year of Kerry Ann Duffy Photography (where did that time go) so I should maybe think about planning some kind of celebration of that.  We have some family trips planned, lots of gigs booked in as always……and I am also off to Glastonbury for the first time! so that’s one that I’ll be able to tick off my bucket list. It’s set to be a busy year and I am really looking forward to it. For now (if you have read this far without getting bored) back to the reason for this blog post…..a look back at 2018.  The slideshow didn’t hold anywhere near enough images, so I included the photos too.