Below are answers to some of the questions I’m most regularly asked. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please do get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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How far in advance do we need to book?

I regularly get booked up 18 months and even 2 years in advance. I’m not trying to spook you, but I absolutely hate having to turn lovely couples down when their date is already booked. So, once you’ve set a date, get in touch for an initial consultation to get your wedding on my radar!

Can we meet before we book?

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision, and it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with whomever you go with. While I’m not able to arrange a face-to-face meeting with every couple who enquires with me, I do guarantee you a call on the phone or on Facetime.

We’ll have a good old chat, you can ask me all your burning questions and see if you think we’re a good fit.

Once you’ve booked with me, we’ll get a date in the diary for an in-person meeting and a glass of something delicious together to celebrate.

How do we pay?

A non refundable booking fee of 30% is required to secure your date, with the remaining balance due 4 weeks before the wedding.

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How long have you been a wedding photographer? How many weddings do you shoot each year?

I’ve been shooting weddings across Kent, London and the South East of England since 2009, and I shoot anything up to 40 each year. Life is busy but happy!

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely yes, I love to discover new places! I live in Kent but am more than happy to travel throughout the UK. Depending on the location, travel and accommodation costs may apply.

Do you work alone?

I do, yes, and I always have. I like to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend into the background at your wedding, in order to capture each beautiful moment as it naturally unfolds. If you have your heart set on a second photographer for your celebration, then we can absolutely discuss this.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

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What if you are ill or can’t make it on the day?

In the 11 years that I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never had to miss a wedding for any reason. However, should I have an emergency or a period of ill health, I will use my network of reliable and highly skilled photographers to find you a replacement.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Firstly, try not to panic! It’s unlikely that it will be pouring all day long, and I’m an expert at finding the breaks in the cloud to steal you away for some portraits. However, if the forecast really does look gloomy, I’d encourage you to roll with it. There’s something breathtakingly romantic about a dance in the rain. I promise to be quick, and not to let you get too soggy!

Can we ask for specific group photos?

Absolutely, and in fact I recommend that you do. I will always send you a questionnaire a few months before the wedding to find out which groups you would like to have. While I appreciate that these are an important part of the day (and a particularly lovely chance to get several generations together in one image) I would advise that you keep the list fairly short. This will minimise guest restlessness, and will allow me to focus on the candid photography that will tell your love story in the most truthful, beautiful way.

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How many photos will we get?

It all depends on the amount of coverage you choose. To give you a guide, 8 hours’ coverage will usually lead to between 400 and 500 edited images in your finished gallery.

Will you photoshop our photos?

The gallery you receive will be fully edited, but these edits will be subtle. A brightening here, a sharpening there etc. Sometimes, I will perform very slight adjustments to images of you (e,g removing shadows) but I will never edit your shape or size, or otherwise alter your appearance (this is an airbrush free zone). If, however, there are areas about which you’re concerned or self-conscious (an unfortunate pimple, for instance) then please do talk to me about this on the morning of your wedding as you’re getting ready and I’ll make a note of it for the editing stage.

How long does it take to receive our photos?

I will always produce around 5 previews for you as soon as I can after the wedding day, so that you have some professional images to share with your friends and add to social media if you wish (and so you can relive the day and build your excitement while you’re on your honeymoon). Your final gallery will then be ready around 3/4 weeks after the wedding.

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