Claudia & Anita’s colourful coastal wedding

///Claudia & Anita’s colourful coastal wedding

Claudia & Anita’s wedding was just WOW! And I can honestly say that this was one of the most amazing weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of……I know I say that quite often as I love this job so much, but this was such a special wedding for so many reasons.  I had not actually met Claudia or Anita before the big day but we had chatted quite a bit over email and Claudia was one of the most organised brides I’ve ever known so I had a step by step run down of what to expect from this amazing day.  She was brilliant at delegating even the smallest of jobs (I guess you have to be when you have 3 different nationalities attending and translation is required) but this made the day flow so well.  Every part of the wedding was just how they wanted it and they were keen for it to reflect their personalities, from the coloured lanterns to the vibrant sunflowers, they really did show that a rustic barn can work so well with bold vibrant colour.  On top of all of this, everything was vegan too!

This wedding has recently been featured on Rock n Roll bride and on Wedding Wonderland so I wont repeat all that has already been said, but I just wanted to share my feelings of the day.  This was such a beautiful and emotional ceremony and as Anita waited for Claudia to walk down the aisle, a beautiful song began to play, She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert.  It gave me goosebumps and my eyes filled with tears.  The love that these two have for each other was clear for all to see and the promises that they made to each other during the ceremony were just beautiful.  The translations into Swiss German and Italian throughout the day just made it all the more emotional as everything was revealed to the guests in stages, it was great to capture all of the reactions as the words rippled through the room and everyone discovered what was being said.

Claudia and Anita are such a cool couple and they both looked gorgeous.  It was great to work with my good friend Emma Smisson again who did their hair and makeup and I adored Claudia’s boho style dress, designed and made for her by her friend Federica Bruno Couture.  I especially loved the fact that Forget Me Nots were included so that Claudia could feel her sister, who has sadly passed away, with her on the day.  These were her sisters favourite flower and are therefore so special to her (check out the little Forget Me Not earings too!)  Joanne Truby (assisted by Most Curious Rose) also incorporated them in all of the beautiful flower designs that were created, including that stunning flower crown.  I thought Anita’s vibrant suit from The Butch Clothing Company was amazing, the bright velvet jacket added some quirky glamour to the day and coupled with the cute bow tie, she looked gorgeous. They were both so perfectly styled and I love their individuality, such a dream to photograph!


This whole wedding made me realise what a great thing it was for same sex marriage to have been legalised here in the UK last year.  What I saw between Claudia & Anita made my heart swell and I loved having the opportunity to get to know them.  When two people love each other this much and are THIS besotted with one another, they should have every right to declare it and have it made official, just like everyone else.  This was one love story that I felt very honoured to capture.

2 become 1 made the most beautiful film of the day which you can view in the link at the end of the photos…..its well worth checking out.  Its one of the most beautiful and moving wedding films I’ve ever seen…….

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And Here is a link to the film from 2 become 1 as mentioned above

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