Top Tips from Wedding Florists

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I’m not sure if my stance on flowers has changed as I have got older….or just because I’ve met so many talented florists over the years but what I do know is….. that if I were getting married now, my florist would be one of the first things I would choose.

I feel like they have such a huge impact on your day and they can help you to create such a strong and memorable theme. They can completely transform a space and even if you aren’t a fan of colour, foliage alone will create something really quite magical.

A perfect example of this is Becki’s vow renewal that took place at Cooling Castle where Floral Explosion used folliage throughout the barn, creating this Midsummer Nights Dream style setting, where it felt as though the outside was brought in

cooling castle table setting

There is so much more to consider than just your bouquet from your florist and it can therefore be quite a big expense. I really do feel that it is such a worthy one though and that it adds so much to the styling of your day. From a photographers point of view, you really can’t have too many flowers! They frame you and your bridal party, they dress that plain corner of the room and they can just create the most luxe and sumptuous feeling.

I spoke to some of my favourite florists and asked them for their top tips… many of them included ways in which to make the most of your flowers and how you can move them around throughout the day to create the wow factor in the right places at the right time.

Here are a few from Amanda at Distinctly Floral….

When considering flowers for your top table, think about incorporating empty vases into the display to hold your bridal bouquet and any bridesmaids’ flowers….

They can be added either side of a central arrangement or amongst a table garland. They’ll show off your flowers to best advantage, keep them fresh and allow you to have a fuller display for no extra cost’

pastel ice cream colour colourful wedding bouquet

‘If you have any alterations made to your wedding gown, ask the dressmaker you keep offcuts for your florist to use to tie / wrap your bouquet.
Your flowers will then completely match your outfit’

‘If you have chosen a long floral garland for your top table, ask your florist to make it in sections so you can use a matching piece on the registrar / celebrant table’

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‘Trust your florist to choose some or all of your flower varieties for you….

Once they know your style and colours they will be able to add seasonal flowers that perfectly match your scheme and may be more unusual and eye catching’

Another of my favourites is Joanne Truby. She shared some of her insider knowledge on how to get the most of out of your flower budget…

ferry house inn same sex wedding

‘Round tables require less arrangements to make a statement as opposed to long….

don’t get me wrong I do love a long table at a wedding reception…..but in terms of flowers and decor a big drawback is that they require a lot more in flower arrangements & candles etc. to make them look impactful.

‘Reuse as many arrangements from your ceremony as possible to get as much enjoyment from them throughout the day and to help be more cost effective with your wedding flower budget…..

For example large focal urns placed on plinths at the top of your aisle will create a wow factor during your ceremony and can then be moved afterwards to the entrance of your marquee or reception venue.

Aisle floor meadows will look beautiful for your ceremony and can then be moved afterwards perhaps in front of your top table (if you’re having a long table) to add the wow factor for your reception decor too’

bridesmaids bradbourne house

Floral Explosion shared some of their advice when it comes to choosing what will work best for you personally…

‘Show your florist a picture of your wedding dress so they can help design a bouquet to compliment the dress….’

chilston park bride kent
bridesmaids chilston park

Sue Davies explained that it’s quite normal to have little knowledge of the flowers. So many of us don’t know the names of flowers and what is in season when. She said….

‘Most couples arrive a little bit nervous because they don’t know flower names. I talk them through everything and show images and they start to relax…’

Seasonality is sometimes a problem if you want a special flower but I can offer alternatives.

‘Tulips in September – just not possible….
Peonies outside May & June?….that’s a no no!’

That’s what I am here for though, to let you know what will suit you and your day.’

Floral Explosion shared a little insight of the timeline and what goes into the process of your wedding floristry…

A florist will work on a wedding for 3-4 days – it’s not a one day job.

Following a consultation your florist will type up a quote and design brief.

About two weeks before the wedding your florist will start sourcing the flowers from the best suppliers around the world, calculating the best flower prices for your designs.

The flowers normally arrive about 3 days before the wedding so they can be conditioned and prepped to open in their prime on your wedding day.

Two days before the wedding vases, containers and any styling materials will be polished, scrubbed and ironed to perfection.

The day before the wedding the florist will create the bouquets, table centres and last thing at night make the buttonholes and corsages.

The day of the wedding the florists will arrive at the venue and set up the flowers and the venue styling and deliver the bridal bouquet (always scary for a florist!)

The next day the florist arrives to dismantle everything and take it all away – the cleaning, polishing and scrubbing starts again and then everything is boxed and put away ….. then it’s time for sleep – or the next wedding!

maidens barn wedding
My biggest takeaways were…

* Trust Your Florist – they are there to help you! They want their work to look beautiful and will work with you to make the most of what you are able to spend

* Use their guidance and advice – make the most of their creativity and experience and have an open mind

* Don’t set your heart on a specific flower (unless you are prepared to plan your wedding around it’s season)

* Book early! If you want a good florist, do your research and reserve them early on in the process

* Share as much information about your day with them as you can. Show them your dress, tell them all about what is important to you….the more they know you, the more their designs will reflect you and your day

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