10 unique ways to entertain your wedding guests

wedding magician the winding house

With your wedding day approaching and all of your main suppliers booked, you might be starting to think of ways to make it extra special….

There are so many different ways that you can entertain your guests on your wedding day, some will seem obvious and others a little more creative, but the most important thing is that they all punctuate your day and best of all for me, they create reactions! I always say, that if you want to have great photos, there need to be moments that create reactions and emotions.


I love it when I find out that my couples have booked a magician and I will tend to shadow them quite a bit so that I can capture the laughter and gasps…

wedding magician elmley nature reserve
kent wedding magician preston court
wedding magic with bride and groom

My favourites are

Chris Harding, Matty Evans, Spencer Wood, Etienne Pradier, Matt Wainwright

Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are ALWAYS a hit and they are such a great way for all your guests to bond with each other. They will have even the most shy and retiring up on their feet singing and dancing and I can guarantee that you will have a lot more photos too! They give me so much to capture and you therefore end up with the most memorable photos. If you have never experienced them before, then it’s hard to explain just why they are so special….because they do so much more than just turn up and sing. These photos should give you an idea why I adore them so much.

singing waiters winters barns

Glitter Bar

Whether you are having a festival wedding or you just fancy adding a bit of fabulousness to your day, a glitter bar is such a great idea! And it’s not just for the girls, in my experience, the men love a glitter beard after a few beers too. My friend Helen runs the Queen Mab Glitter Bar

The Bouquet Toss

This one may sound obvious and maybe even old fashioned but I absolutely love it! If you are worried about throwing your own beautiful bouquet, use a bridesmaids or get your florist to make you one especially for throwing. Not only does it create fantastic photos but it gets everyone together and is always such a giggle.

throwing bouquet marleybrook house
bridesmaids catching bouquet chilston park

Garden Games

If you have a Summer wedding planned then garden games always go down well. Some might only consider this if there are a lot of children attending but grown ups love it too!! Again, it is great for getting your guests to mix and mingle


This is a very wide umbrella but if you are looking to entertain your guests, go for people something interactive and fun. One of my favourite people who I will always recommend is pianist Danny Mills. He is more than a piano player and while he will play beautiful background music while you have your wedding breakfast, he also takes requests and never fails to get everyone up on their feet singing…..he will also quite often invite people to sing with him which results in pure delight from all the guests.

danny mill piano chilston park
entertainment at the orangery


Everyone loves to see what they would look like in cartoon form and this is such a great way to entertain your guests. Not only will they enjoy seeing themselves but it’s the perfect memento for them to take away from your wedding day too. Rich ‘The Artful Doodler’ Nairn comes highly recommended! 

the artful doodler wedding entertainment

Cocktail making stations & bars

This can be a perfect addition to an outdoor/festival style wedding…or even if you just want an additional bar for your day to wow your guests and treat them to more drink options. The Swig & Filly is one of my favourites, plus they do prop hire too. 

mobile cocktail making van

Table Entertainment

If you don’t have a budget to include any entertainment then why not make your own? I’ve seen table quizzes/challenges that have had the guests roaring with laughter, or you can create so much fun just by adding some masks or funny hats to a box for each table

wedding fun at the george in rye

Be Unique

Think about something memorable that you can bring to the day. For example, one of my brides worked at the British Wildlife Trust – Wildwood and so chose to treat her guests to a falconry display. Another couple who are performers, had some of their talented friends sing at different intervals throughout the day. You don’t have to do what everyone does and there really are no rules! So get creative and think about what might make your wedding that little bit more special

west end performer at wedding
falconry lympne castle wedding